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BOOK CORNER Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle

Every so often, I pick up an older book that I have lying around, which is exactly what I did with Sherlock Holmes.

Bodies mount with no apparent link other than the word for revenge in German painted in blood near the bodies. The police are at a loss. Dr John Watson is at a loss. Sherlock Holmes is not fooled, and using evidence that no-one else notices, he solves the murders.

With all the TV shows and films, it is easy to overlook the books but they are a compelling read with engaging plots. Yes, they are dated in many ways from the setting to some of the language, but this does not detract from the way the story builds holding the reader's attention. There is a good reason the books are classics. I suspect people will read them for many years to come.

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A hungry child can't focus in class.

A sick child will miss school.

By providing meals, text books, clean water, classrooms, soap, and anything else that is needed, Porridge and Rice enables some of the poorest children in the world to receive a sound education.